Richard Beattie

Firebase emulators:start – getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND localhost localhost:4400

For some reason today firebase start:emulators broke on me. In the morning it worked fine but when I returned after lunch I just got

An unexpected error has occurred.

I tried restarting my laptop, rolling back firestore.rules changes and updating firebase-tools but nothing worked. The firebase-debug.log had some errors talking about not being able to find localhost

port check error: Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND localhost localhost:4400

However, googling this query returned nothing for the first 30 mins. However, googling this query returned nothing. After an hour of experimenting I found the solution. Add the following to your /etc/hosts file: localhost

Well that was an hour wasted. I still don’t know how localhost got disassociated with

// get-files.js
import path from 'path';

import fs from 'fs/promises';

const isDir = async (d) => (await fs.lstat(d)).isDirectory();

async function getFiles(dir) {
	const list = await fs.readdir(dir);

	const filePromises = (filename) => {
const filepath = path.join(dir, filename);

if (await isDir(filepath)) {
	return { type: 'dir', filepath };
} else {
	const content = String(await fs.readFile(filepath));

	return { type: 'file', filepath, content };

	return Promise.all(filePromises);

export { getFiles };